Plastic in the Arctic Ocean.

Pollution in the Arctic

Plastic in the Arctic Ocean. Is anywhere safe from the ‘human touch’? Plastic waste pollution is now so widespread that it is even reaching the most remote ice floes in the Arctic. The effect Climate Change A team from Exeter University was able to travel further into the Central Arctic Ocean than any other yacht […]


How much do your appliances cost to run?

HOW MUCH ARE YOUR APPLIANCES COSTING YOU? Have you ever wondered how much your shower, washing machine or toaster cost to run or how much that Netflix binge is using in electricity? is here to help. Energy bills, a necessity of life few can get away from, but understanding what appliances are costing to […]


Reduce your water with a water saving showerhead

TOP 5 CHEAP INVESTMENTS THAT WILL CUT YOUR ENERGY AND WATER USAGE There’s a huge market for energy saving gadgets and gizmos. Understanding what works and what doesn’t can be a daunting task. So to help you make an informed decision here’s the top 5 cheap energy and water saving products. 1. TAP AERATORS Tap […]


Cut your household energy usage and save money

5 FREE WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY AND CUT YOUR BILLS 5 top tips from on how to cut your energy wastage and reduce your utility bills that won’t cost you a penny, but could save you £100’s on your annual household energy bills. TURN DOWN YOUR THERMOSTAT BY 10C By turning your thermostat down […]

Water saving devices for toilets


Water saving devices for toilets Some info toilet cistern water saving devices from And a selection of toilet-related facts for your entertainment! Over 47% of water use occurs in the bathroom, between 24% and 30% of your water being used by your toilet. Of course, not all toilets are the same, older toilets consume […]

Save Money at Home

Another shocking bill! – Save Money at Home A guide on how to save money on your household bills   How much are you spending? Another year, another shocking price increase from the energy providers and another increase in your household bills all around. Here’s a horrifying piece of info for you, the fact-checking charity Full Fact […]

Ditch over packaged products

Over packaged products

Ditch over packaged products Rather than recycle it’s time to use less packaging in the first place. Just about every purchase you make will come in some sort of packaging. Much of the time this is necessary, how else would we get our latest Gadget home without it being smashed to bits? However, too much of […]

All about Tap Aerators

Tap with fitted aerator saving water

All about Tap Aerators Tap Aerators – What they do and how they work Tap aerators, the simple, unobtrusive, low-cost, hassle-free way to reduce your water bill and ultimately reduce your utility bill. Tap aerators, also known as flow regulators are small water saving devices that control the amount of water that flows through your […]

Plastic in our Tap water

Plastic Waste

Micro-Plastics and our Tap water Billions of people around the globe are drinking water contaminated with plastic particles, with up to 83% of samples being polluted. The problem of micro-plastic contamination is a global problem and scientists are calling for urgent research on the health implications. Tap water from over twelve countries have been analysed […]

The great drought in Montana USA

Map of Montana

Nearly the entire state of Montana is either near to or experiencing drought. With the U.S. Drought Monitor reporting that only 2.7 percent of the state is experiencing normal water conditions. This is fuelling wildfire and causing loss of crops to local farmers. Drought conditions have been reported in a stretch of 680miles from Sidney […]