Ditch over packaged products

Rather than recycle it’s time to use less packaging in the first place.

Just about every purchase you make will come in some sort of packaging. Much of the time this is necessary, how else would we get our latest Gadget home without it being smashed to bits? However, too much of the produce we buy is needlessly over packaged just to make it more appealing to the prospective customer.
On one hand, it’s obvious we can do more to recycle the plastic we use but how about we make a conscious effort to not buy overly packaged products in the first place? Many products are exactly the same just in bigger better packing. If we all start buying the product with less packaging rather than the over packaged goods the companies will have to take notice and do something about it.

Here are a few ideas on how we can cut down on waste packaging;

Use refills instead of buying new bottles or jars. Many products such as shampoo or shower gel can be bought as simply packaged refills. They are generally cheaper too. Save money and refill the bottle you’ve already got.

Fruit – But loose fruit and put it in a bag for life. There no need to buy the fancy packaged oranges or apples. You’re not going to eat that plastic container, are you? This extra packaging is the reason you pay more than the loose fruit.

Paper and Plastic Cups – Regular at a coffee shop? Why not take your own mug? Some coffee shops will even discount your drink if you use your own cup. Ask if you can keep it there to save carrying it around with you.

Soap – Liquid soap in a big plastic dispenser is really convenient. But it takes a lot of materials to produce. There’s the bottle, the pump with various types of plastic and a metal spring, the tube etc. Why not use a bar of hand soap? They last for ages, come in a variety of amazing smells and require very little packaging. If you have to use the dispenser use refills and don’t by new each time?

Kitchen Cleaner/disinfectant – Like liquid soap, kitchen cleaner comes in convenient hand spray packaging. It runs out, just get a new one. Why not buy one big bottle of concentrated disinfectant and refill the spray bottle at home? This works out much cheaper than buying new each time and there’s no waste.

Water bottles – In the UK alone 16 million plastic bottles are being wasted every day. 16 MILLION! EVERY DAY. There’s no need for this when there are hundreds of styles of refillable bottles on the market, and if drinking tap water is an issue for you. They even come with built-in filters. There’s no excuse for wasting plastic bottles.

This is just a few ideas on how we can cut down on over-packaged products. Can you think of any others?

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