Plastic in the Arctic Ocean.

Is anywhere safe from the ‘human touch’?

Plastic waste pollution is now so widespread that it is even reaching the most remote ice floes in the Arctic.

The effect Climate Change
A team from Exeter University was able to travel further into the Central Arctic Ocean than any other yacht in history this year. This is due to the reduction in the summer ice that would normally cover the Arctic.
If the reduction in summer ice wasn’t concern enough the Marine Biologist found large pieces of polystyrene floating in the ocean.
The worry is that the once pristine ocean will become another victim to the ever-growing problem of microplastic pollution. With the ice melting microplastics and microfibers are being released into the oceans from rivers that empty into the Arctic Basin.
Little is known about the effects of plastic pollution in such remote areas of the world, but just the fact that this pollution is being found should be a cause for concern. Any clean-up operation in such a remote area would be difficult and costly. Not to mention who would pay for such a clean-up.
We may not be able to clean up this area ourselves, but we can make a personal effort to stop the pollution before it gets released into our environment.

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