Micro-Plastics and our Tap water

Billions of people around the globe are drinking water contaminated with plastic particles, with up to 83% of samples being polluted.

The problem of micro-plastic contamination is a global problem and scientists are calling for urgent research on the health implications.

Tap water from over twelve countries have been analysed and 83% of water samples have been found to be contaminated with plastic fibres. With the US having the highest contamination rate at 94%. Lebanon and India had the next highest rates.

Although European nations had the lowest rates of micro-plastic contamination the results were nothing to brag about. With contamination rates of 72%.

If the idea of drinking or cooking with water contaminated withplastic wasn’t bad enough, micro-plastics are known to contain and absorb toxic chemicals. Standard water treatments do not filer all of the micro-plastics and there is nowhere that can guarantee 100% of the contaminants are being stopped.

Research is ongoing and until we understand the true extent of the problem we cannot come up with a viable solution to filter the water. What we can do is stop adding to the problem. With almost 300m Tonnes of plastic produced each year and only 20% being recycled, far too much is ending up in landfills and the sea.

The message is clear. We need to reduce our reliance on plastic, recycle more of the plastic we use and clean up after ourselves. Our dependence on plastic is starting to poison the very water we drink!

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