Reduce your water with a water saving showerhead

TOP 5 CHEAP INVESTMENTS THAT WILL CUT YOUR ENERGY AND WATER USAGE There’s a huge market for energy saving gadgets and gizmos. Understanding what works and what doesn’t can be a daunting task. So to help you make an informed decision here’s the top 5 cheap energy and water saving products. 1. TAP AERATORS Tap […]

Water saving devices for toilets


Water saving devices for toilets Some info toilet cistern water saving devices from And a selection of toilet-related facts for your entertainment! Over 47% of water use occurs in the bathroom, between 24% and 30% of your water being used by your toilet. Of course, not all toilets are the same, older toilets consume […]

All about Tap Aerators

Tap with fitted aerator saving water

All about Tap Aerators Tap Aerators – What they do and how they work Tap aerators, the simple, unobtrusive, low-cost, hassle-free way to reduce your water bill and ultimately reduce your utility bill. Tap aerators, also known as flow regulators are small water saving devices that control the amount of water that flows through your […]

Whisky Tastes better with Water! Or so the experts say!

Some Whisky with your water

A team of Swedish scientist claim to have found proof that Scotch Whisky always tastes better with Water. Now that’s a decisive announcement if we’ve ever heard one! By using computer simulations (what do computers know about a decent Scotch?) the scientists found that by diluting the Whisky enhances the experience by driving the flavour […]

Bottled Water OUTSELLS Cola for the first time.

Water vs Soda sales

The sale of bottled waters has surpassed those of Cola for the first time! This may be attributed to the public being better educated to the dangers of sugar and sugar addiction and deciding to make a healthier choice in the beverages they drink. Whilst this great news from a health outlook we must remember […]

“Future of the maritime industry” from Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce

Industry pioneer Rolls-Royce recently revealed designs for fully autonomous ships that can be controlled from remote locations. A team of operators will be able to monitor the ships, run diagnostics and even deploy drones for aerial inspections. “Autonomous shipping is the future of the maritime industry,” said Mikael Makinen, president of Rolls-Royce’s marine division. He also […]

Zero Emissions, Electric Container ships

Zero Emission Cargo Ship

It may sound like something out of a Sci-fi movie but in 2018 the worlds first Zero Emissions, Electric Container ship is set to start delivering goods in Norway. To take this incredible feat of engineering even more into the realm of Sci-Fi it will be fully autonomous by 2020.