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A guide on how to save money on your household bills


How much are you spending?

Another year, another shocking price increase from the energy providers and another increase in your household bills all around. Here’s a horrifying piece of info for you, the fact-checking charity Full Fact found that on average households paid a whopping £883 more in the year 2016 than in 2010. Yes, you read that right £883!

Although the figures aren’t quite as shocking, the average water bill has risen by 2% and more than half of local authorities have raised council tax by 4.99%. Remember, you can’t shop around for water or change your local council so you’ll just have to put up with these increases.
All these increases add up and if you’ve not seen your salary increasing to match the price increases can be a very bitter pill to swallow.

Alas, all is not lost. Utilitygo.com is here to help with a how-to-guide on saving money at home (or for your business).


First things first.

Look at changing energy supplier.

This is likely to be the quickest and simplest way to see a reduction in your energy bill. There are a number of price comparison sites that will help you find a better tariff. A simple google search for “switch energy” will give you a list of results. Some households have seen savings of £600+ a year off their energy bills.


Turn down your heating.

This is such a simple energy saving tip. By turning your thermostat down by just 1-degree centigrade you could save between £80 and £90 a year. And be honest, are you really going to notice a one degree change in temperature?

Also, make sure you’ve got your heating schedule set correctly. There is no point in paying to heat a home when you’re sleeping or out.


Watch the extra charges.

Whilst direct debits are a great way to organise your payments. You need to check that you are not being charged for the privilege. Insurance companies are known to charge extra for customers who pay by direct debit.

Also check your phone and internet contract. Make sure you’re not paying more than you need for making calls or using too much data.


A few more energy-saving ideas


Make sure your home is energy efficient.

In a typical home, more than half of the money spent on the energy and fuel bill goes on providing heating and hot water. A great way to reduce your hot water bills is to install water saving tap aerators and a water saving shower head. Utilitygo has a great range of products to help you start reducing your bills and cut down on waste water. Click here for tap aerators and click here for water saving showerheads.


Water meters.

Without a water meter your water bill will be based on the size of your home and not the water you use. Install a water meter and only pay for the water you and your family use.

Installing a water meter is also a great way to observe the amount of water you are using. This way you can cut down on water waste.


Make a conscious effort to reduce your energy usage.

The little things add up. And if we all make a conscious effort to reduce our water and energy waste we will not only be a better off financially but we will have peace of mind that we have done our bit to look after our environment. Take a look at the Utilitygo.com energy saving tips and tricks page. There a loads of bit size tips to help you change your daily habits.


Money owed

Energy bills are based on an estimate of how much you will use. These estimates are often wrong and end with you paying too much for your energy. Check your account to see if your energy supplier owes you money!


Never auto-renew.

Loyalty rarely pays with big companies. Keep a keen eye on when your energy contracts, insurance or any other annual bills you have are up for renewal and make sure to shop around in the weeks coming up to renewal. Never pay more than you need too.


Want more?

UtilityGo.com also have a huge (and ever-growing) library of energy saving tips, tricks and life hacks to help you reduce electricity consumption, water saving and general eco-living by clicking here

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