There’s a huge market for energy saving gadgets and gizmos. Understanding what works and what doesn’t can be a daunting task. So to help you make an informed decision here’s the top 5 cheap energy and water saving products.


Tap aerators (also known as flow regulators) are a great way to reduce your water usage/waste and lower your energy bill in your kitchen and bathroom. Essentially a tiny precision-made sieve, a tap aerator reduces the flow of water by up to 10 litres per minute, but to the touch, you won’t even notice a change in water flow. This is especially useful when using hot water, reduce the flow, reduce the amount of water needing to be heated, reduce your heating bill!
Cheap and simple to install yourself, you won’t even notice they are working once. has a large range of tap aerators to suit almost every tap. Click here


Working in a similar way to a tap aerator, a water saving shower head reduces the flow of water without affecting your shower experience. It’s simple, the less water that goes through the shower, the less water needs to be heated. Reducing wasted hot water and cutting your heating bill.
It’s worth pointing out that electric Showers are not designed for flow regulating products. Never fit a flow regulating showerhead to an electric shower as this could cause damage to the shower unit. has a large range of water saving showerheads Click here


Light Emitting Diode or LED lighting is around 10 times more efficient at converting electricity than a filament light. So, to replace a 60W Bulb you only require a 6W LED bulb. LED bulbs are considerably more expensive than a standard low energy bulb but as they consume so much less power you will quickly recoup that initial outlay. What’s more, some manufacturers suggest that their LED lights will last 40,000 hours so it will be some time before you need to replace them.
When looking at buying LED lighting make sure you pick a shade of light that suits the room you plan on using it in. A warm white will be better suited to a lounge where a daylight would look better in your kitchen. And if you want to get really flashy there are remote controlled LED lights with multiple colour choices.


Making sure your home heating system is well maintained is a must. A regular service will keep your home heated as efficiently as possible, it will also help prevent an expensive failure. Get in contact with your local plumber or ask your utility supplier if they provide boiler care and cover.


Many toilets use far too much water for each flush. This water is literally flushed down the toilet. By installing a Toilet Tummy or similar toilet water saving device you could be saving around 2 litres of water per flush. With the average person flushing the toilet 6 times a day, this water-saving quickly add up.
Extremely low cost, quick to install and maintenance free, the Toilet Tummy is a great way to reduce your wastewater without even trying.
Buy your Toilet Tummy water saving device from click here

Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate, but before you make any investments take a look at our library of Energy and Water saving tips, trick and life hacks. You may find yourself saving money without spending a penny.

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